Ferrovial Services, a leading international provider of services to cities and infrastructures, has partnered with Waga Energy, a specialist in landfill biogas recovery, to produce biomethane from the biogas generated at the Can Mata controlled landfill, located in Els Hostalets de Pierola, near Barcelona (Catalonia). The Can Mata site will be the first in Spain to be equipped with WAGABOX®, an upgrading technology developed by Waga Energy to recover biogas from landfilled waste (landfill gas) in the form of biomethane, a renewable substitute for natural gas.

This upgrading technology for biomethane production will be commissioned in 2022. It will process up to 2,200 m3/h of biogas and inject 70 GWh of biomethane per annum into the gas network of Spanish operator Nedgia (a subsidiary of the Naturgy group), the equivalent of the annual energy consumption of 14,000 Spanish households or a fleet of 200 trucks. The project will prevent the emission of 17,000 tons of CO2 per year by replacing natural gas with renewable gas.

This is the first landfill gas biomethane injection project to be financed through a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in Europe. This type of agreement is very common for renewable electricity projects but not for renewable gas, due to the fact that it is difficult for biomethane producers to obtain a sufficiently attractive long-term sales price agreement.

This long-term PPA was secured thanks to the efficiency of WAGABOX® technology, Waga Energy’s unique experience in landfill gas biomethane injection projects and Ferrovial Services’ track record of over 50 years in waste treatment and recovery.

The two partners have adopted a business model that guarantees high performance throughout the project. Waga Energy will purchase part of the biogas from the Can Mata site from Ferrovial Servicios and will be responsible for all aspects of the project: financing, construction and operation of the WAGABOX® unit, relations with the gas grid operator and marketing of the biomethane. Waga Energy will invest 7.5 million euro in the commissioning of the purification unit and in connecting the site to the network of the operator Nedgia, which will build more than 4 kilometres of pipeline to connect the facility to the distribution network.

Can Mata is one of the most important controlled landfills in Spain. It produces more than 40 million cubic meters of raw biogas per year. Until now, the biogas has been recovered in the form of electricity and fuel to power a ceramics factory. The implementation of biogas recovery with the WAGABOX® unit will significantly increase energy efficiency.

Combining membrane separation and cryogenic distillation, Waga Energy’s technological solution extracts the methane contained in the landfill gas and injects it directly into gas networks. The 10 WAGABOX® units currently operating in France supply 35,000 households with biomethane and prevent the emission of 45,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.