Water sector segments in the spotlight at Aquatech Amsterdam: Smart water, desalination and pumps all get a boost

Key water sector industry segments are to get a boost at the forthcoming Aquatech Amsterdam exhibition thanks to exciting new features in what is already a packed programme. The increasingly important areas of smart water management and desalination are each to get their own dedicated pavilions on the show floor with the backing of leading sector organisations. The water sector relies on pumping and a new Pumps & Process Plaza has been devised to help companies participating in this feature generate pump-related business leads.

Wider uses for desalination technologies

The Desalination Pavilion is being hosted by the European Desalination Society and will feature technology companies as well as several EU-funded desalination research projects. EDS is also leading a series of desalination presentations in the exhibition’s ‘AquaStage’ programme.

‘Desalination has widened into the broader area of water treatment,’ says Dr Miriam Balaban, Secretary General of EDS. ‘Aquatech Amsterdam provides an opportunity to interact with diverse representatives of the water sector. Also, the research projects we will be presenting, each involving around ten companies, illustrate the breadth of desalination today.’

Supporting smarter water utility management

The Smart Water Networks Pavilion is being hosted by the SWAN Smart Water Networks Forum. This will feature companies contributing to the growing use of data-driven technologies in water utility management. SWAN will also lead a series of presentations in Aquatech’s ‘AquaStage’ programme.
‘The water sector is increasingly seeing the potential of smart water solutions,’ says Amir Cahn, SWAN’s Executive Director. ‘SWAN is looking forward to hosting the pavilion at Aquatech as it is a great opportunity to provide a focus for this interest by discussing the latest smart water trends and engaging with global smart water leaders.’

Pumping business opportunities

The new Pumps & Process Plaza combines a focus on the widespread water sector use of pumps both for moving water and in process applications such as chemical dosing. The feature is being hosted by partner DdV Media International and has been designed as an informal open environment in which participating companies can make new business contacts.
‘Water always has to be transported and treated, so pumps really are like the heart of the water sector,’ comments Marcel Meijers of DdV. ‘The Plaza is a group of ten business points around a central bar where we will provide a relaxed environment to help the companies find new opportunities and build new relationships at Aquatech.’

A stroll through innovations

A new initiative supported by the Water Alliance is The Innovation Avenue. An extremely inspiring lane at the centre of the Netherlands Pavilion, where you will be immersed in the latest technologies in the field of clean drinking water, sludge dewatering, algae detection systems, surface water treatments, and so on. You will experience more than 20 break through innovations, of which some are award winning. The WaterCampus and her organising partners Wetsus, Water Alliance and Centre of Expertise Water Technology CEW are at the centre of this avenue.

Pavilion activity during Aquatech Amsterdam

The companies participating with the SWAN Forum in the Smart Water Pavilion are: Aganova Group, Bentley Systems, ControlPoint, Kamstrup, Servelec Technologies, Utilis, and Watener.

The AquaStage session ‘Smart Water Networks: achieving resilience through innovation’, will take place in Hall 3, Booth 03.118, Wednesday 1 November, 11:00-13:15.

Participants in the Desalination Pavilion with the European Desalination Society are: Adiquimica, Aqua Abib, BASF and the EU projects Integroil, REvivED and Saltgae.

The AquaStage session ‘Desalination and water treatment – research & technology’, will take place in Hall 3, Booth 03.118, Thursday 2 November, 14:00-17:00.
Pump & Process Plaza can be found in Hall 1, 01.410
The Innovation Avenue in Hall 7, 07.520 at the Netherlands Pavilion