Water the driver of new sustainable partnerships

El agua motor de nuevas alianzas sostenibles

TUAWA and Quique Dacosta are joining forces to save 1.2 billion plastic bottles a year. Replacing bottled water with tap water achieves a 300% reduction in the carbon footprint associated with the manufacturing, bottling and transportation of plastic bottles.

Global Omnium is reinforcing its commitment to the creation of sustainable partnerships to ensure the protection and conservation of our environment. Water is undoubtedly a strategic driver capable of achieving breakthroughs of enormous significance for the future of the planet within the framework of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

10 million tonnes of plastic are currently disposed of on our planet every year. Plastic is the worst pollutant of seas and oceans, and social awareness is vital to prevent this. By consuming tap water, not only do we reduce the use of this material, but we also contribute to eliminating the CO2 associated with the transport and production of plastic bottles. Few people are aware that 6 litres of water are needed to make a half-litre bottle of bottled water, a fact which reflects the environmental impact of using this type of packaging.

Tuawa, a Global Omnium company dedicated to eliminating plastic at the point of consumption through tap water, chef Quique Dacosta and representatives of the catering and hospitality sector in the Autonomous Community of Valencia have joined forces to prevent the consumption of 1.2 billion plastic bottles a year.

The Michelin three-star chef and the Global Omnium corporation have combined technology and experience to implement a consumption model that is well-established in the European Union (EU). 33,000 Valencian restaurants have made the commitment to reduce the use of plastic bottles by almost 36,500 units per year per establishment, thus reducing emissions by an average of 17 tCO2-eq. In this way, these establishments are contributing in a simple and safe way to a reduction of carbon footprint.