Webinar s::can “3 countries, 3 projects to control water quality in real time with pipe::scan systems

On 11 February 2021, we had the opportunity to learn more about pipe::scan intelligent water technology systems for installation in pressurised pipes. 

Chaired by Elisabeth Ebner from s::can, Benjamin Buysschaert from FARYS (Belgium), Jordi Raich from s::can Iberia (Spain) and Philipp Proksch from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Austria) shared their experiences with pipe::scan systems, the challenges they faced and the benefits obtained. 

The participants explained how smart monitoring and instrumentation help drinking water utilities to enhance management of the different stages of water treatment at drinking water treatment plants. Such systems facilitate compliance, optimisation of available resources, real-time monitoring of water throughout the supply network using physicochemical parameters and microbiological indicators, and the integration of all data collected into day-to-day operations.

If you did not have the opportunity to see the webinar or wish to see it again, the full recording is available here.