WEG launches Motion Fleet Management system

Developed to bring more practicality and agility to the operation, maintenance and management of industrial plants, the WEG Motion Fleet Management system is the ideal solution to monitor and increase the availability of the industrial fleet. Based on “cloud computing” technology, asset monitoring can be followed at any time and from anywhere in the world.

With the WEG Motion Fleet Management system it is possible to know the operational status of motors and drives, inverters and soft-starters of low and medium voltage, smart relay starting systems (SRW), gearboxes, gearmotors and compressors, among other assets, which are applied in any type of industry or facility.

Through periodic data collection and advanced data processing, valuable insights are generated. In this way, it is possible to establish predictive maintenance plans, observing the operational condition of the fleet (condition-based maintenance). This approach reduces the number of unplanned stops, optimizes repair actions, and speeds up the decision-making process for the operation and maintenance team. The end result is increased availability and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) of the drive fleet.

In addition to knowing the “health” of the assets up to the date of data collection, the Specialist module, thanks to its artificial intelligence, indicates the origin of a possible failure (imbalance, misalignment, vibration, etc.) as well as current and future engine consumption.

This solution enables active monitoring of both newly implemented and existing assets (motors, drives, gearboxes, etc.). The data, simulations and analysis can be integrated into the SCADA system or monitoring program of the end customer.

This is a further step in WEG’s policy of collaborating with customers to improve their productivity and efficiency.

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