Wehrle implements nanofiltration technology at wastewater reuse facility for L’Oréal in Burgos.

L’Oréal has chosen Wehrle for the turnkey supply of a treatment plant for wastewater reuse at its manufacturing facility in Burgos. The plant will implement membrane nanofiltration wastewater treatment technology.

One of the L’Oréal group’s most important production plants is located on the Villalonquéjar Industrial Estate (Burgos). In order to reinforce the company’s firm commitment to environmental protection, L’Oréal has undertaken a project at the Burgos facility to enable the reuse of water from its water treatment plant, thereby significantly reducing consumption from the drinking water supply network.

The reuse concept proposed by Wehrle is a membrane nanofiltration treatment process that integrates perfectly with the existing treatment process. The nanofiltration process stands out due to its compact size, the high quality of water obtained for reuse and excellent energy efficiency. Another outstanding feature is an exhaustive analytical control system, which includes measurement of key process parameters both at the outlet of the plant and at the point of reuse. This ensures that the reclaimed water complies with L’Oréal’s stringent standards at all times.

The effluent from the existing treatment plant will be sent to the reuse facility where, prior to the nanofiltration stage, it will undergo sand filtration pretreatment to ensure the absence of suspended solids before it is sent to the membranes. The permeate from the nanofiltration membranes will be sent to a tank, where it will undergo disinfection prior to being reused.

The containerised reuse plant designed and built by Wehrle will be equipped with leading-edge instrumentation, process control and automation technology.

This is the second of two projects in which Wehrle has collaborated with L’Oréal this year, with the former company also securing a contract for the supply of a wastewater treatment and reuse plant at the L’Oréal facilities in Karlsruhe (Germany)

The Burgos facility is scheduled to go into operation in the second half of 2015.