What challenges face the WEEE recycling sector prior to the end of 2022?

¿Qué desafíos encara el sector del reciclaje de RAEE antes de que finalice 2022?

The global context has changed in recent months, giving rise to a scenario in which the recycling sector has taken on an essential role in the supply of key materials. This is due to the shortage of raw materials, the widespread increase in the use of electronic devices and the process of ecological and digital transition. Fundación Ecolec faces the last half of the year with the challenge of meeting ecological targets through the separate WEEE collection, #Green initiatives and partnerships between manufacturers, distributors and users.

The recycling sector faces the end of the year with different challenges, which, far from being overcome during the current year, have become even greater. The shortage of raw materials, together with rising costs, the intensive ecological and digital transition and the search for sustainable alternatives for the manufacture of electronic devices to meet high consumer demand are some of the challenges facing the sector.

One of the main challenges facing the recycling sector in general, and the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) sector in particular, is to position itself as a key element in the supply of essential materials for the production of electronic devices.

This is where two factors beginning to be interlinked come into play: the ecological transition and the digital transition. In terms of ecological transition, the European Union is firmly committed to the electric car as a sustainable alternative to traditional vehicles. The WEEE sector plays a crucial role here, given that materials such as lithium are essential for the manufacture of batteries. This problem could be addressed through reuse, thus boosting the Circular Economy model.

With regard to the digital transition, the constant updating of computer and telecommunications equipment has led to great dependence on third countries for the supply of raw materials, a problem that could be solved with a firm commitment to Urban Mining.

Published in: #92 FuturENVIRO July – August 2022