It is increasingly necessary for companies, especially those working in the integrated water cycle, to specialise in the automation of processes at their facilities. Industry is evolving towards what is known as Industry 4.0, which focuses on Management Execution Systems (MES). In this context, SITRA has developed the WIM tool, which provides efficient resource management, facilitates fault detection, improves operating times and increases the efficiency of integrated water cycle facilities.

Wastewater generated by human activity is now a serious problem and one of the most important sources of contamination of our rivers and aquifers. Increasingly large volumes of wastewater with high pollutant loads make more extensive and intensive treatment necessary. This is because water is a vital part of a large number of industrial manufacturing process, and the quality of this water must be controlled in order to ensure the quality of the end product.

Because water quality requirements are not always complied with, it is often necessary to implement systems to bring water quality up to the standards required for each production process. Industrial automation plays a vital role, not just in terms of improving the management and productivity of water infrastructures, but also in terms of the savings associated with reducing the lifecycle costs of facilities.

Correct, efficient operation of a wastewater treatment plant depends on strict definition of the process instrumentation, and a properly designed monitoring and control system. At current WWTPs, all electric equipment, pumps, valves, parameter gauges, sensors, mixers, etc. are governed by a PLC, with digital inputs and outputs, and analogue inputs to receive signals from equipment, manage these signals and provide the equipment with a response in accordance with pre-set values. The PLC controls elements of the facility that are in automatic mode and provides precise information on the processes being carried out at the WWTP

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