Women & Environment



When, just over five years ago I faced the challenge of launching a new project to bring out two technical magazine, I never imagined the difficulties that this would involve. Least of all, when in truth this project was not strictly new for me,given that I had over 17 years of experience in the technical journal sector behind me. However, it was new in many other senses, as I wanted them to reflect the many ideas deep inside my head and which in my former work I had been unable to put into practice: to publish bilingual magazines (Spanish-English), promote them through a significant presence online and take them to the other side of the Atlantic, positioning them as a reference in Latin America.

FCC Aqualia central, Inodoro

And now there was a fundamental difference: for the first time I was facing a task that I had been doing for the past two decades, as a business woman and the owner of two magazines, and I knew how the two worlds of energy and environment worked, in which the vast majority of executive positions are occupied by men. This is not the place to start discussions over gender, but I already knew that I would come across many suits and ties at meetings, trade fairs and conferences. And this is why, to celebrate our fifth birthday, I decided to give a voice to women who, like me, work professionally in an eminently masculine world. The outcome could not have been better.

I stand behind everything they say. And I am sure their words will ring true with everyone who reads these pages. My deepest gratitude to all our female contributors to this special edition.

Esperanza Rico, Director de FuturENVIRO & FuturENERGY

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