World Water Day 2020: Water and Climate Change

Climate change represents a profound threat and an unprecedented opportunity to invest in and
transform water governance and management systems so humanity can thrive in an increasingly
uncertain and variable future.

Water is part of the solution to climate change. There are many opportunities where water can help
in the fight against climate change, among them:

1. Producing and transporting water without generating emissions, with the development
of facilities that use renewable energy sources.
2. Recharging aquifers, preventing their salinization and ensuring the supply and survival
of the resource.
3. Regenerating water from wastewater, making it possible to reserve fresh water for
future generations and make the most of water uses.

These are just some of the solutions and opportunities that the water sector can bring to the global
climate crisis. But action plans must be integrated across all sectors of the economy and the
environment, and coordinated across borders, to achieve safe and sustainable water management.
Almar Water Solutions, committed to this cause since its creation, has developed an illustrative
video for World Water Day 2020 explaining all these solutions and how the water sector can
contribute to increase climate resilience, improve ecosystem health and reduce the risk of water-
related disasters.

Water is our most valuable resource; we must use it more responsibly and sustainably, and establish mechanisms to ensure socioeconomic development, food security and healthy ecosystems.

World Water Day 2020
Sustainable water solutions for the fight against climate change.
*Source: Climate Change and Water UN-Water Policy Brief