Xylem dedicating $3MM to partner with global non-profit organizations and support in communities impacted by COVID-19

La compañía Xylem, a través de su programa de acción social Watermark, ha invertido 3 millones de dólares para financiar iniciativas en apoyo de las comunidades más afectadas por el COVID-19 a escala global, así como para promover donaciones a ONG locales.

Xylem Watermark is launching immediate response assistance to meet the rising needs of communities around the globe impacted by COVID-19. The Watermark program is dedicating $3MM of critical funding to partner with best-in- class global nonprofit organizations and support partners and employees in communities globally.

Half of this sum is dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations which are providing vital services to those on the front lines and those in need. The company will match funds donated for a non-profit cause by its business partners at a 1:1 match.

The remaining $1.5MM will help support programmes with two global partners: Americares and UNICEF. Partnership with Americares, a health-focused relief and development organization, will bring water, sanitation and hygiene education to the forefront in critical care facilities on the front lines of the epidemic.

With Xylem Watermark’s sustained support, Americares plans to combat a global shortage and train health workers in under-resourced countries in infection prevention and control, including water, sanitation and hygiene best practices, and deliver personal protective equipment, to control the spread of COVID-19.

Longer term, Americares and Xylem will partner on water and sanitation infrastructure improvements at select health facilities hard hit by the pandemic to respond to long- term water and sanitation issues and build resilience against future outbreaks. “We are seeing heroic efforts from essential services workers, healthcare workers and the organizations that support them. The support Americares provides to frontline health care workers focuses on exactly what they need to combat COVID-19, and we want to do our part to help them fight the spread of the disease”, said Joe Vesey, senior vice president of Xylem, and chair of Xylem Watermark.

Also, Xylem Watermark has launched a new partnership with UNICEF USA, which is engaging in global efforts to address the COVID-19 outbreak, focusing on countries that have weak public health infrastructure and social support systems, including vulnerable regions of Africa&Asia.

The pillar of program work will be the provision of critical WASH supplies and improving infection prevention and control through critical WASH community health programs, youth engagement, and the support of sustainable programming.