A unique water sector event will take place on November 12 of this year. The new generations of professionals will come together in Madrid to share know-how and experiences. Continuing in the wake of the Bilbao Congress in 2017, which set the bar very high, all of us involved in the organisation of the 2019 Congress are confident that this edition of the event will be equally successful in terms of quality and participation. And we see no reason not to continue with our motto of “more and better”.

As one of the main pillars of the event is to give visibility to these new generations of professionals who now stand out in this sector, the first thing I would like to do is introduce the network.

Young Water Professionals is a network associated with the IWA (International Water Association). In the case of YWP Spain, the association with the IWA is sustained by AEAS (Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation). Although AEAS needs no introduction, it is amongst the most prestigious water sector associations in Spain, particularly in the urban water sector.

Its members include the main companies in the Spanish water sector, many of which operate internationally. And AEAS President, Fernando Morcillo, is particularly interested in the development and promotion of young professionals in the sector.

Joining the YWP Spain network is free and anyone under 36 years of age with interest in the water sector can become a member if they have qualifications associated with the sector and/or work in the water industry. Any interested person can participate in the Congress and significant discounts are available to network members.

Although the event will focus on people under the age of 36, participation is open to professionals of any age. In fact, the essence of the Congress is to make the general public aware of the work of the new generations, obviously in a way very much geared to making this work visible to companies operating in the sector. So everybody is welcome here. Details of conditions, dates, ways of participating, sponsorship, etc., can be consulted on the YWP Spain website.

José Antonio Rodríguez de la Cruz, Vice-president of YWP Spain

Published in: Nº61 FuturENVIRO June 2019