Zero waste to landfill, the ultimate objective of waste recovery

The Spanish Association of Energy Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste (AEVERSU) availed of World Environment Day (June 5) to remind people once again that zero waste to landfill is the main goal of energy recovery from the non-recyclable fraction. Energy recovery from waste is a system widely implemented in Europe’s most advanced and environmentally committed countries, which are also the countries with the highest recycling and lowest landfilling rates. Indeed some of these countries have achieved a landfilling rate of 0%.

A contrasting scenario is to be found in Spain. With a timid waste-to-energy rate of 12%, the latest Eurostat figures indicate that the landfilling rate in Spain stands at 55%.

It is clear that the problems associated with high waste production must be addressed with a unified effort, using all the legal instruments at our disposal. In this context, and starting with the premise that the best waste is waste that is not produced, the fact is that once waste has been produced, it must be managed in the best possible way. Citizens, public authorities and companies must all assume their responsibility to ensure correct waste management.